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I don't usually comment in drawings, but when i do, it's a derpy comment

Drawings For Me! ;u;b

Here are the list of people drawing's for my OC(s)!
Some of them are Request, and Some of them are the ones that willing/wants to draw my OC(s)
(Ordered by date of creation)
*added Categories*


6 sketches! by MiharuStarFree sketches -04- by Lanier-SamaThe Bright Star(request) by xEternal-Dreamxshuddup kirara. by Kirara-Souchoui'll protect you.. by Kirara-Souchou


Prank fail by TaiitheDecepticaonWaruru :Art Trade: by RainySkyesAT: Joker and Saruru by Saruru-Chan[AT] Butler by Ning-Kuda beach by frogfilledmindArt Trade : Tasusu by FnFiNdOARTAT: Tasusu by EternalNova:thumb352491420:Too much to human eyes VB by Wolfy-tanKanamichi X-mas art trade. by NeonKitsune16.:AT:. W-What? by Yumimi-ChanAT - Fisusu by DaiKeroroAT: Fisusu by Azurane


COM -  Fisusu by zetsumeishonen


Gift : Kitty-Senpai !~ by FnFiNdOART
For Kanamichi-Kun by RawrmouseFor Kanamichi-Kun ((again)) xD by Rawrmouse.: orikero doodles :. by FnFiNdOARTValentines sketch dump #1 by Kirara-SouchouI REGRET NOTHING....NOTHING!!!! by Wolfy-tanMy Christmas Gift c: by TouhouLunarEclipseIcon for Kanamichi by Wolfy-tanGifts for friends {yeh} by Kirara-SouchouGift: Senshishi by EternalNova


Kiriban: Senshishi (Kanamichi-kun) by axel966


.: Happy Birthday :. by FnFiNdOART .:HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAMI-KUN:. by Saruru-Chan BG for Kanamichi-kun - Kanana (2nd style) by axel966

Visitors? C8

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I wonder who is the ones that have opened my profile pages uvu *curious*



Kanamichi-Kun's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Icon :iconkanamichi-kun: by Wolfy-tan
Moe Kanana by me

Nickname : Kana, Michi, Derp
Age : 16
Birthdate : 5th of June 1997
Info Singkat : Seorang pemuda di Medan, North Sumatera
yang suka main game online bernama "Lostsaga" dan kadang kadang suka menggambar
Main Fandom : Keroro Gunsou / Sersan Keroro

Status 20/03/2014
Sedang menimba ilmu mendalami cara menggambar manusia
Dan digital colouring

Gijinka Takuku

Free Hug anyone?

Gif was from an online game called as Lostsaga

DA Family

< will be added >

I'm such a lazy bummer in doing and finishing stuffs, and usually i like to draw something else first qq

---------- SOME OF MY OWN STUFFS / Gifts ----------

- Gijinka Bayaya sketches
- Gijinka Fisusu and Joanne's Boxing Girl sketches
- My Orikeros Gijinka Sketches
- New Deviant ID
- Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr , etc Image Link ( Pics which act as link )
- Etc

:bulletpurple: Drawings for :iconkirara-souchou:
Human Senshishi and Human Kirara (Gijinkas)
Senshishi and Kirara on the beach near the Sunset time which Senshishi buying Kirara an icecream

:bulletblue: Drawings for :iconaurabelmont:
Fisusu Aurara Comic

---------- Answers of the questions by them on my Ask My Fisusu here ----------


---------- Answer of the question for my Kerosona Kanana ----------


---------- Comment and i will say these stuffs about you Tag Journal ----------


---------- Feature Journal Tag Chara/OC Feature ----------


---------- ArtTrades ----------


---------- Requests ----------

:iconkutsutsu-souchou: aka :iconrainyskyes:


Kanamichi-Kun has started a donation pool!
0 / 100,000
Point Commisions [Closed]

Going to make the PointCommision Info in future

But a sketchy sketch will be 1 :points:

The reason why i'm doing this is because that i want to commish other people by collecting points /o/

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Finally someone have tagged me after a long time, maybe because i don't do Journal Memes like this in the past
As for you, you can tag me if you are interested to know my answers/reactions about any specific meme, i will gladly do that in my spare time

Please excuse my serious looking answers for these questions

And so :iconfnfindoart: tagged me about the 10 Questions Meme, now let us start

1. Do you have any phobias ? if you do, what is it ?
As far as now, there's no such specific phobia for me, but as for now i have common fear just like everyone else, dark places, yes that is human's common fear, even if you are brave, will you will still be like that in dark places, and alone?

2. What's your favorite movies ?
Not really fond of movies, but there's many of them, action-ish stuffs

3. If you could change everything, what would you change ? 
The world

4. Do you believe in magic ? 

5. What's your favorite animals ?
Cats Species, Cute animals

6. What's your favorite memes ? 
Have never did one so i don't know

7. What do you think I should draw next ?
Anything that you like/fond of

8. What do you think of arts ?
Some are Good
Some are Bad
Some are Amazing
Some are Abstract
Some had hidden messages
Many had their own values
But all of them are not perfect, there's no such thing as perfect art, if you think that you found one, will the others feel the same? No?

9. What talents do you have ? (other than drawing, of course :'D you are all great drawers ~)
No talents of mine that i have known so far

10. What's your favorite joke/quotes ? 

I stole these questions from :iconsaruru-chan: although she did not tag me

1. What do you enjoy using more, drawing with pen and paper or drawing on the computer?
Traditional drawing, which is not digital
Since it is quicker and not that bad for eyes, i'm not good at digital drawings so that makes me a slow drawer, which i often spend a quite lot of time whenever i draw digital drawings, for about more than 1 hour
and also you can do traditional drawing in almost everywhere

2. Do you own any animals? If not then what pet would you like to have if you had the chance to get one?
I used to have cats, but then after some some incidents, i don't have them anymore, yes it is sad to lose your pets, but in my case they are still alive hopefully, the last time i see them they still have their mother (4 cats, 1 cat mother), i don't really care about them now after about 3 years, but i still do care about them, i have already expected that their mother have died because of her old age, hopefully she died peacefully, and her childrens are still alive
I'm still a weaboo that time, i named my cats as Nana (female), KaitoKid (male), Kiro (male), and Kuro (male)
While their mother had no specific name, but i'm sure i have called her once as 'Manis' (sweety)
But hey although i may have never seen them again, i can still meet them in the afterlife isn't it? :)
And despite of me was not a good owner, i hope they have forgive me for that although my sins cannot be erased, but.......
No matter what they have faced, in the end they will be able to meet me again, my cats.....

3. Favorite Anime/cartoon/series?
There's a lot of them, but now i'm interested in Kill La Kill


5. Favorite video game? 
I'm not a gamer so i don't really know

6. Tumblr or deviantart?
Deviantart, i still don't know how Tumblr works

7. Favorite artist?
I don't really have one

8. Whats your favorite season? Summer, spring, autumn or winter?
In Indonesia there's only two seasons, so i might choose summer

9. What do you think of your school/job?
My School is okay, the teachers are good, but i'm a lazy student, that's the problem

10. What are your fav colors and why?
Blue, Yellow, Green, and all of the light colours
I don't really know, it is depend on our preferences, but why?
Our Brain?
Our Personality?
Who Knows ?
As for me, there's no such thing why i like this colour and that colour

So it's ended here, i hope you are intrigued by my answers, nah not really i don't really care about what you guys think

But hm here's my 10 questions :

1. Are you a depressive, or a cheerful person ?
2. Are you interested in politics ? (Politic news, etc)
3. Do you prefer to eat healthy foods ?
4. How will you react if 'a hater' did hate comments on your artworks ?
4. What will you do when you are bored ?
5. Do you want to show a picture of your face in the internet ?
6. Are you a social person or an anti-social person in real life ?
7. Are you a busy person ? 
8. Do you often draw your OCs ?
9. Do you prefer drawings/comics style or written style to tell your OCs stories ?
10. What do you want to see me draw ? (Humans, Fanarts, etc)

Please excuse the random questions, i don't really know what questions should i make, but then eventually i choose some simple questions and (maybe) difficult questions

You can choose to answer all of the questions, or the questions that you can answer

Who will i tag?


I'm very sorry because of tagging many people in a short meme, i just feel like doing it
And why did i choose them? Random reasons? Only i the one who know that
By the way, you can do this or not, it's your choice

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Give ♥ This♥ To ♥ The ♥ Twelve ♥ Nicest ♥ People ♥ You ♥ Know ♥ If ♥ You ♥ Get ♥ Five ♥ Back ♥ You ♥ Must ♥ Be ♥ Perfect ♥ ~ :3
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